5 Sarcastic Responses to I Love You Circling Around The Web

I Love You

 5 Sarcastic Responses to ” I Love You ” Circling Around The Web

I Love You is the most common word used by every one of us. Here are the some sarcastic responses to I Love You.We Hope you will enjoy these.

This happened two months ago when a random girl approached me on Instagram. She liked my pics, texted me and we chatted regularly. One day:-

She: I love your company.

Me: I’ve not even started one yet. Let me first finish school and yeah, no matter you love it or not, I’ll keep all the shares.

She: Haha.. I mean to say I love spending time with you. I think I love you.

Me: Even I don’t love myself. How come you?

She: You’re really a nice guy. We can share our lives with each other. Can’t we?

Me: Lives? Look at your iPhone and my redmi. We can’t share even chargers and you’re planning to share lives?

P.S.: I checked. She has not unblocked me yet.

— X person

naga chaitanya and samantha

Second One:

Girl: *Tells him about her office. Her friends. Her dog. Her parents. Her Crush. Her crush’s crush.*

Boy: *dying of boredom* That is so cute, girl.

Few days later:

Girl: OMG. I think I like this guy. He’s so adorable. I know him since 2 years.

Boy: *Hopes shooting faster than a rocket* Haha yeah? Who’s that?

Girl: I know him through my friends. He’s been so kind to me all this while. I like him so much.

Boy: I knew it. Finally. I love you.

Girl: ******

Boy: *Oh shit*

Girl: I love you too.

Boy: Oh my god. I have been waiting for this day.

Girl: Yeah. I love you as a friend. Okay so, listen no?

Boy: tries not to show middle finger

Third One:

He: I love you, Deepti.
She: I knew twins did similar things, din’t know they even proposed the same girl on the same day.
He: Bhaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii !
He yelled and ran of looking for his brother.
Happened to one of my school time buddies. That’s the most I have laughed at any proposal.

By— X person

i love you

Foruth One :

This actually happened with one of my friends. He was in love with one of his girl friends, so this happened when he proposed to her:

He – You know, I have something to say but I am afraid that I might lose you then.

She – If you don’t tell me, you will lose me at this moment only.

He – Why so?

She – Because I hate it when people have something to say but they don’t after making some absurd excuses.

He – Okay! I won’t be one of those people but give me sometime.

She – You have 15 seconds.

He – What! I need some days.

She – Then say it to somebody else, I won’t be with you after 15 seconds.

He – Okay (held the breathe) I love you and I really do.

She – Okay, but I won’t run away with you, I cant handle this ‘running away’ kind of things.

He – Hell what! Is this a way to respond to the world’s most romantic set of words!

She – Will you stop being a dumb head or should I break-up with you right now!

This I guess is the most strange response to a proposal!


And Finally

Fifth One:

He: Hey ! There’s something I should tell you.

She ( Looking in to phone, selfie mode-ON): Aha! What is it?

He ( blushing , nervous ) : I love you

She ( with out a sec delay in a casual tone ) : Me too.

He ( excited , on cloud nine ) : Really??!!

She ( Lifting her head from phone, looking at him ) : Haan ! I too love myself.

He (blank, dumbstruck , thinking “how the hell I liked her ?” ) 

We Hope you loved it ! Thank you for reading. If you have same experiences like this just comment.

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